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K3. Dr Chris Loth – The art of European addictions nursing: What has Florence Nightingale taught us?

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The Art of European Addictions Nursing: What has Florence Nightingale taught us?


Learning objectives:

  • What is addictions nursing in Europe
  • Nursing diagnosis in addictions
  • Addictions nursing clinical reasoning
  • Nursing themes concerning patients suffering from addictions

The state of art of addictions nursing in Europe is shared with
our international colleagues. In the keynote lecture nursing
themes concerning addictions will be discussed. How to
use our clinical nursing reasoning in daily practice? Clinical
reasoning in addictions nursing is transcending and not only
regional or country-bound. What is in a name? How to use
our leadership for political and economic power? In the year
of Florence Nightingale these themes are as important as
100 years ago. Using our head, hart and hands for patients
suffering from addictions!


Christien Loth, Phd, MN, MANP, RN

My name is Chris Loth, I am a board member of IntNSA
In addition, I work as a nurse specialist mental health care
from my own practice LOTH Nursing in the east of the country.
There I provide specialized care to patients who suffer from
double problems such as ADHD and addiction, autism and
addiction, PTSD and addiction.
In 2009 I obtained my PhD at the University of Amsterdam
for an action research on improvements in nursing care from
ambulatory methadone projects.
Since 2012 I have been working as MANP GGZ, including a
number of hours with a GP specifically for addiction problems.
In Utrecht I am affiliated with the GGZVS as a senior lecturer
in addiction and addiction treatments and responsible for the
addiction curriculum of this three-year course.

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Chris Loth
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