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C13. Effective nursing recovery-oriented Welcome video message interventions for individuals with substance use disorder: A Literature Review

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Learning objectives:

  • Participants will summarize five effective nursing interventions that promote the recovery of individuals with substance use disorders
  • Participants will describe two effective nursing interventions that promote recovery based on the perspective of nurses and individuals with substance use disorders
  • Participants will summarize two infrequently mentioned nursing interventions that promote recovery


Nurses support the recovery of individuals with substance use disorder. How they support individuals, however,
may impact the effectiveness of their work. For example, there are various paradigms of recovery which alter
interventions. Additionally, negative attitudes adopted by clinicians discourages individuals who use substances from
accessing healthcare services, experiencing further health deterioration. Alternatively, nurses can enact interventions
that promote positive experiences, further supporting the recovery of individuals. Hence, it is beneficial to increase
nurses’ awareness of effective interventions that promote recovery. The purpose of this literature review is to examine
effective nursing interventions that promoted recovery of those with substance use disorders from the perspective
of nurses and individuals who received nursing care. The review identified that effective interventions were based on
three major themes: person-centred care, empowerment, and maintaining supports and capability enhancement.
Additionally, literature revealed that some interventions were perceived to be more effective; this depended upon
whose viewpoint was examined – nurses or individuals with substance use disorders. Lastly, there are interventions based on spirituality, culture, advocacy, and self-disclosure that are
often disregarded but may be effective. Nurses should utilize the more prominent interventions as they offer the most
benefit and integrate interventions that are often overlooked.


Niall Tamayo, BN, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Canada

Niall Tamayo is a Nurse Educator at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. Niall is also completing his
Masters in Nursing at Athabasca University. His areas of interest include acute psychiatric care, addictions, and
community care.

Dr. Annette Lane

Annette Lane PhD is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Disciplines at Athabasca University. Her areas of specialty include mental health and older adults. Dr. Lane presents nationally and internationally on issues germane to mental illness and aging.

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