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C64. Improving access to care with people who have substance use disorder through grant funding in rural Colorado

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Learner category:

  •  Intermediate Level

Learning objectives:

  •  Participants will describe the relationship of increased
    Buprenorphine prescriptions and the statistics of fatal
    opioid overdoses in Mesa County.
  • Participants will know and understand the Community
    Opioid Response Group goals, i.e. goals for treatment,
    provider education, workforce development, and
    recovery goals. Two examples of each of these goals will be
  • Participants will identify 3 patient teaching and training
    instructions that can increase harm reduction and lessen
    risks of opioid use in persons with opioid use disorders.


Mesa County, one of the most populated counties on the western
slope of Colorado, has one of the highest opioid overdose rates in the
state. Resources have been inadequate while the state tracked a
record number of opioid overdoses only a year ago.
This presentation will discuss both federal and state grants
awarded to the community. We will describe how professionals and
consumers in Mesa County have formed a team called Community
Opioid Response Group with goals of treatment, provider education,
workforce development and recovery using grant resources


Dana Murphy-Parker, MS, PMHNP-BC, CARN-AP, FIAAN

Ms Murphy-Parker is an ANCC Certified Psychiatric/Mental Health
Nurse Practitioner and a Certified Addictions Registered Nurse – AP
(Advanced Practice). Ms Murphy-Parker is the Past President of the
International Nurses Society on Addictions serving in that role from
October 2014 – 2016. As a Fellow in the International Academy of
Addictions Nursing, she is currently President of the FIAANs, and has
been in that position since February 2019. Her area of expertise is in
the practice of mental health and addictions nursing. And she has 19
years of experience as faculty in both undergraduate and graduate
nursing degree programs. Ms. Murphy-Parker now works full time in
a community mental health clinic in western Colorado with persons
who have co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders.
Ms. Murphy-Parker completed the buprenorphine waiver education
requirements and is currently prescribing buprenorphine in her
clinical practice with those who have an opioid use disorder.

J. K. Costello, MD, MPH

Dr. Costello is a physician and consultant on population health for
addictions, and is the Director of Behavioral Health Consulting,
Steadman Group, Denver. He works at the intersection of medicine,
behavioral health, and community recovery, fostering recoveryoriented systems of care. He helped implement medication-assisted
treatment in jails all over Colorado, resulting in hundreds of additional
people being treated for OUD. He has worked with the state Medicaid
agency to assess addiction treatment capacity, helped overhaul
behavioral health in jails, and assisted a dozen clinics with their
addiction treatment program implementation.

Terri Caton, CNM, ARNP, MS

Terri Caton, CNM, ARNP, MS started practicing in 1999 as a Certified
Nurse Midwife in the Philadelphia, PA area. It had always been a
goal of hers to work in a third world country so in 2007 she moved to
Guatemala and served the rural Mayan Indians. There she worked
in a clinic serving the very poor indigenous people of the country.
After 4 years Terri moved back to the United States where she trained
and worked in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement. Her focus
was caring for people with reproductive hormone and endocrine
imbalance. Most recently Terri moved to western Colorado to start up
an addiction medicine clinic which is rapidly growing.

Our Speakers

Dana Murphy-Parker
J. K. Costello
Terri Caton
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