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92. What the #$%! Just Happened? Sharing Insights of Healing

92. What the #$%! Just Happened? Sharing Insights of Healing

92. What the #$%! Just Happened? Sharing Insights of Healing

Jennifer Bishop, BScN; Alberta Health Services; Alberta, Canada

Learning objectives:
  1. Inspire support of those who are in the process of healing.
  2. Enhance awareness of opportunities to use your voice and gifts influence others towards positive change.

My journey is not a new one. As we all are, I am emersed in learning the most poignant lessons through the school of life where I can share my learnings about divorce, tragic loss, addiction, suicide, trauma, mental health, personal COVID impacts, recovery, personal transformation and seeking a path to a new season of life.


I am passionate about creating/contributing to the strategic influence to support holistic health care with a special focus on addiction and mental health. I am passionate about opportunities to look at the “big picture” and contribute to the evolution of supporting myself and others in achieving their personal best in physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health wherever possible. My journey and passion for working with people started growing up in rural Alberta, learning life through the lens of rural community, close family and onto my formal education path of nursing (psychiatric and general) and now dipping into sport psychology. I received a diploma in Psychiatric Nursing from the School of Nursing (now McEwan University), a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Alberta and now started a Master’s Degree in Sport Psychology and Performance. I have worked in healthcare for 29 years in many diverse areas such as addiction, mental health clinician, private rehabilitation, post-secondary educator, entrepreneur, and health care leader. I’ve been blessed to have a loving family, was married for 21 years with two beautiful sons, a lovely home, recreation property, modest luxuries, a robust and successful career. My journey is not a new one but was transformed by the harshest of realities in 2021 of which I aim to share my personal insights.


MEETING ID: 858 6520 0828

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