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Continuing education
credits (CEs)

Given the importance of CEs to our members’ continuing professional development, all educational sessions will carry CEs.

One CE approximately equates to one-hour attendance at an educational session. Not all sessions are of equal length and will range between 15 and 90 minutes, therefore, if you are collecting CEs throughout the conference, you will need to keep a record of which sessions you have attended.

In order to validate an attendee’s participation in the webinar, they must complete an evaluation form at the end of each session. The link to the evaluation form can be found in the ‘attendee menu’ located on the right-hand side menu.

If you have any queries or run into any difficulties during the conference in managing the above process, please send an email to IntNSA Executive Office

How to claim CEs

In order to gain CEs, attendees are required to:

  • Pay a one-off administrative charge of 25 USD. Click here to make payment.
  • Complete a ‘session feedback’ evaluation form for each session you are claiming CEs. The evaluation can be found in the ‘attendee menu’ to the right-hand side of your screen.
  • Keep track of your CEs by downloading the CE checklist.